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Automotive and Fleet Services

Automotive Repair

Basic maintenance to total overhaul. We are here to help.

Repair Financing Available.

We offer a 15-40% hourly savings over our competitors in most cases.

We offer personalized service, with an emphasis on honesty and integrity. We never proceed with maintenance or repair work without you authorization. We look to consult and educate with our clients about all maintenance and repairs to be performed, and we help you make informed decisions.

Preventative Maintenance Approach. Our focus is on preventative maintenance and helping you avoid the inconvenience, dangers and costs of a breakdown. Our maintenance service saves you money: studies have proven that it costs 46% more to fix what is broken versus the costs of preventative maintenance.* Its been calculated that over 30 years time. keeping your car for 15 years saves over $180,000 compared to changing it every 5 years.

* JD Power & Associates

Professional Expert Diagnostic and Analysis. We don't throw parts at problems- We solve Problems. In the event of a breakdown, we strive to solve and repair the root cause of the issue.

Complimentary unit management service. We offer custom maintenance reporting showing maintenance costs, monitoring vehicle wear, tracking vehicle expense anomalies, and identify opportunities for upgrades. We also keep track of your parts to make sure your covered under warranty when needed.

Customer Loyalty program and Cost savings recommendations. We can help you filter out what maintenance is critical during times of budgetary concern. We offer our customer's savings on parts and after market accessories.

Flexible payment options. We have partnered with several financing programs that allow you to finance your repair on a monthly payment plan.

Fleet Services

Full Service Automotive Repairs, Tires and Aftermarket Accessories. Performed with a personalized level of service, with flexibility to meet all your needs. Call today to discuss how we can save your company money, time and stress.

Jaxsen-Pacific Motorsports is an ARI Approved Vendor

-Complimentary Unit Management Service. We offer custom maintenance programs and track upcoming maintenance requirements. We can advise and inform you when and what services will be due; helping you plan and schedule ahead, reducing downtime and internal management expense. 

-Professional Maintenance Records. Where necessary, we provide detailed maintenance reporting showing compliance to manufacturer maintenance intervals allowing you to show maintenance management compliance for safety management systems, or external certifications (such as COR, Comply Works, IS Net World).

-Maintenance Cost Reporting Program. We can track maintenance costs for your fleets and offer customized reporting options to help monitor vehicle wear, track unit expense anomalies, and identify opportunities for upgrades. Readily available data can drastically simplify your budgeting process.

-Invoice Coding.  We work with you to ensure our invoicing meets company invoicing program requirements, avoiding billing headaches and administrative inefficiencies.

-Cost Savings Recommendations. We help filter out what maintenance is critical during times of high volume or budgetary concern.

-Customer Loyalty program. We offer our fleet customer’s savings on parts and aftermarket accessories.

-Overnight and After-Hours Repair Service. Round the clock support. We can arrange overnight or after-hours repairs and services to get you back to work faster, reducing business hours downtime.

-Remote Worksite Assistance and Repairs. We can travel to remote sites to perform repairs or maintenance, saving the costs of swapping out units and towing.

-Employee Preferential Rate. We offer preferential rates to our Fleet Service clients’ employees on service, parts and accessories. A perk you can share with your staff, while alleviating staff personal transportation issues by giving them affordable access to fleet quality mechanical work.

​-Tires. Our existing Fleet customers and their employees enjoy wholesale pricing on tires, with faster turnaround service than available at the local National chain shops. One of our Fleet customers was able to save 50% over the posted MSRP on tires for their fleet truck winter tires this year.

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